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   I want you to know that your journey to become fit and healthy will be an extraordinary one and it will be all yours. It will be an achievement like few others with an outcome you’ve only dared to imagine — the promise of a different life. It is my privilege to help to you on this journey.

   At first it will feel like “hope”, a strange sensation like a pleasant encounter with no introductions. Then you will begin to move, to climb, to lift, to FEEL. You will then understand that it is a privilege to have a body that works in your favor, a body that has been striving to right itself like a boat that has listed for far too long on an empty seabed.

   As you step forward, what happens next can only be explained as an awakening- the seed of determination that grows into what few people share- the warrior spirit.

   Raise your fists in triumph—you are a champion of your own change! This is your story to write, so let’s get started.